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Refer and...

In our experience, HARMONiQ Business Tuning Software works really well for businesses that:

  • Are troubled by manual processes, or lots of systems that don’t talk to each other – or both;
  • Operate in a wholesale environment with lots of complex inventory; and
  • Are in growth-mode.

Also, given the whole-of-business nature of this change, and to ensure we’re talking to the right person in the business, we’d really appreciate being put in touch with the Owner, Managing Director, or CEO of the business.

...be rewarded!

For every new user we achieve through your recommendation, we’ll reduce 10% off the cost of one of your user licences for a year*. Yes, I said new user – not new client, company, or organisation.

That means if you have ten users, and you refer us a client with 100 users, you could be getting all of HARMONiQ… completely free for a whole year!

Do even better than that, and we could even end up paying you!

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